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Innovations in Competitive Manufacturing

Innovations in Competitive Manufacturing

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The pace of change in manufacturing technology has accelerated dramatically in the past two decades--and exponentially since the mid-nineties. Once the purview of a few large American and Japanese corporations, manufacturing advances now emanate from every corner of the world, stimulating a never-ending battle to create the highest-caliber products quickly, efficiently, inexpensively, and in sync with the company's marketing, sales, and customer service strategies.

This breakthrough book focuses on the advantages realized through the use of recent and ongoing advances in manufacturing technology, supply chain dynamics, design and developmental engineering, and more. Citing case histories from both American and foreign corporations, the book brings everything--from customer service and maintenance management to costing and team management--under the umbrella of competitive manufacturing, resulting in a comprehensive examination of the major predictors of global manufacturing success.

An invaluable resource from the manufacturing floor to the COO's office, the R&D labs to the lecture halls, this guide is a must-read for all professionals in the field.