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The Senior Manager's Toolbox

The Senior Manager's Toolbox

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The Senior Manager's Toolbox is the manager's guide to applying management engineering. Recipe-book training makes cookie-cutter managers. This work is not built on techniques, but on recognition of management as a performance effort that generates value through its impact on others. The resulting vision supports a consistent application of established efficiency principles to the work of management. Traditional efficiency applications multiplied what a production manager could accomplish. These new applications are similar tools for general and administrative managers. Engineering provides the higher-level manager with vision and performance focus, and deeper appreciation of existing management lore. With this technical support, a manager can apply existing management skills to maximize impact on organizational performance. All that efficiency engineering did for production is now available for the work of management and internal support. Organizational and office-work metrics; structure and process modeling and analysis; vertical division of responsibilities and authorities; these are all brought together into a coherent understanding of effective and efficient management. And all these are keyed back to the origin of management giving a sense of balance and completeness that is not available from any other source. It even incorporates the necessary understandings that promote the welfare and advancement of the career manager. When you close the cover of this book, you will be more effective at gaining results through organizations; and you will know that you are.