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Managing in a Five Dimension Economy

Managing in a Five Dimension Economy

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This volume offers a unique approach to understanding and managing today's organizations as they are governed by mathematical and scientific systems that underly evolutionary biology. This opens the prospect of managing by an organizational model that incorporates those same systems and principles, and gives us a powerful new way to view both the organization and the market it serves. The Ven Matrix Architecture is the newest systems approach to "seeing the terrain of a system" and its marketplace. All this is in a "five dimension economy, a digital internetworked, trans-planetary system of competing markets that mimics the behavior of a globally extended bacterial colony." Were it not for the author's impeccable credentials one might raise an eyebrow atall this, but Venerable has the academic background and practical corporate experience to make us take what he says seriously. The result is a fascinating work for executives throughout the organization and for their academic colleagues.