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The Profit Potential : Taking High Performance to the Bottom Line

The Profit Potential : Taking High Performance to the Bottom Line

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Advance Praise for The Profit Potential
"The Profit Potential breaks away from the stale nostrun served up in scores of 'new' cost management books in recent years. A leading cost management authority, McNair presents a refreshing new perspective on work, measurement, and profitability. Highly recommended for nonfinancial executives, financial managers, and students." —Tom Johnson Retzlaff Professor of Quality Management Portland State University

"A masterful work. At last, a real breakthrough in re-defining the role of accounting systems in increasing profitability. C. J. McNair demonstrates, simply and elegantly, that changing both focus and measurement leads to accounting taking its rightful place as a driver for positive change in an organization." —Matther H. Booth Vice President of Quality Scudder, Stevens and Clark

"McNair offers penetrating insights into the complexity and causes of waste that permeate the business structures of most companies.... This book should be a primer for those who are serious about purging the insidious monster of waste from their business..." —Lou Jones Cost Management and Business Services Manager Caterpillar, Inc.

"If youve been having a tough time making gains in your improvement efforts, The Profit Potential shows why you may be fighting an uphill battle against your financial system … McNair makes you ask—is your companys financial system adding value that the customer will pay for (take a look at your bottom line) — if not, you better ask why not (and read this book)." —Brian Hettrick Director of Financial Services GOAL/QPC

"The Profit Potential brings into sharp relief an important and overlooked restraining force that limits organizational effectiveness. McNair balances the emphasis placed on the driving forces of success and shows how they can be made stronger by focusing on the waste part of the equation. This book should be required reading for every manager. Their competency will be incompletewithout it. —Gary D. Robinson, Ph. D. Manager for Human Resource Initiatives The Boeing Company