Pricing and Cost Accounting: A Handbook for Government Contractors

Pricing and Cost Accounting: A Handbook for Government Contractors

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This is a brand-new essential reference to help federal contractors negotiate and maintain profitable contracts - and remain in compliance throughout the life of the contract.

Pricing and Cost Accounting follows the entire life cycle of a government contract - from pre-award through close-out. No other single book provides as much current federal procurement cost and pricing information in such a concise - yet comprehensive - format.

You'll learn the current rules and regulations, plus helpful strategies too meet the ever-changing requirements of bidding...pricing... cost accounting... subcontracting... contract modification...and all the various complexities of the Truth in Negotiations Act and the individual cost allowability rules contained in the FAR.

This single volume, plain-English resource will help you:

* Prepare bids and proposals that meet requirements, win contracts, and make money * Maneuver successfully through government contract negotiations and evaluations * Ensure that every contract you sign remains profitable at each stage * Quickly resolve pricing and cost accounting questions on federal contracts * Make sure your accounting system meets government standards * Handle government audit issues and disputes