Building Knowledge Management Environments for Electronic Government

Building Knowledge Management Environments for Electronic Government

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Tools and Techniques to Improve Performance

Building Knowledge Management Environments for Electronic Government shows you how to harness the power of the Internet to bring information to government decision-makers and citizens alike - and in so doing, to create a more efficient, responsive government.

In this new resource, you'll learn how to design and build new environments for enterprise-wide performance improvement. Use the key tools and techniques of this emerging discipline to create a newculture of information sharing. Detailed case studies teach you how to apply knowledge management on an agency-wide basis. Discover the critical success factors -- and learn from mistakes that have been made -- so you can avoid problems from the start.

You'll Learn How To:

* Move from data to information, intelligence, knowledge, and finally, wisdom * Link communities of practice to knowledge bases * Use best practices for knowledge management from a case study in the defense sector * Use enterprise information portals as the principal delivery mechanism for knowledge in an enterprise * Establish key technology platforms for knowledge management * Use digital storytelling as a tool for sharing knowledge across an environment * Maximize the impact of collaborative work software * Create knowledge management environments in procurement practices * Develop a system for gaining knowledge through performance measurement * Integrate knowledge management in every aspect of your mission * Become a knowledge-based organization