Coaching: 50 Lessons for Business Results

Coaching: 50 Lessons for Business Results

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Coaching: 50 Lessons For Business Results

Build business coaching skills that last a lifetime.

Businesses often throw people together in teams and expect instant results. But most business teams struggle and few teams maximize the potential of its members. From 50 succinct lessons based on experiences from more than 200 business teams, learn how to unite a team toward a shared purpose. Sharpen your skills for guiding others to winning conclusions, saving time, frustration, and cash. Learn how to work with others to get results on complex assignments with impossible deadlines. Gain confidence and insights from a business coach that has seen it all – and succeeded.

You will discover:

•How to ignite your career with skills and practices that get results in nearly any situation
•Secrets of what really goes on in successful business teams
•How to avoid mistakes that managers commonly make that impede teams
•How to create an environment where teams thrive and succeed
•How to stimulate sales, generate profits, lower costs, and get tangible results from a team – even in difficult situations.

Learn how to deal more effectively in today’s tough business environment by applying simple lessons that generate team results that get noticed.