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Commanding Communications : Navigating Emerging Trends in Telecommunications

Commanding Communications : Navigating Emerging Trends in Telecommunications

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Gear up to profit from communications convergence!

"For those who need to understand the warp and woof of the communications sector–where technology, economics, and politics collide–this book is required reading."–Reed E. Hundt, former chairman of the Federal Communications Commission and author of You Say You Want a Revolution: A Story of Information Age Politics

"Commanding Communications is an excellent primer for anyone who wishes to understand [the] chaotic [communications] industry. Clearly, one of the important conclusions that one can draw from Bonocore’s descriptions of conflicting trends and technology discontinuities is that forecasting the course of future trends is exceedingly difficult. Another is that, whilescale has its advantages, every successful industry participant must be prepared to turn on a dime when the unexpected occurs. There will always be room for a fast, flexible niche player that provides excellent services and treats its customers right."–James Barr, President and Chief Executive Officer, TDS Telecommunications Corporation