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Successful Self-Management: Increasing Your Personal Effectiveness

Successful Self-Management: Increasing Your Personal Effectiveness

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Somewhere underneath the daily cycle of work, family, and life in general, you possess a value system, a set of "bone-deep" beliefs that powers everything you do. Successful self-management is about tapping into your most desired goals and maximizing your time, energy, and resources toward achieving them.
Learning to manage all the different areas of your life successfully is an ongoing process. But you can approach each new challenge with a clear sense of purpose. The key is in connecting your core values to your goals. "Successful Self-Management" presents you with five building blocks for success: perspective, purpose, personality, planning, and productivity. With each new chapter, you will learn to apply what you have learned so you can get started right away. Say you'd like more financial security, or career success - this book provides you with clear tips and planning worksheets to get you organized. Perhaps you'd like help refining your goals - interactive exercises throughout give you plenty of opportunity for thoughtful reflection.
Besides helping you realize your full potential, taking active control of your life can fill you with a sense of balance and harmony. The key to successful self-management is in your hands.

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