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Brave New Unwired World: The Digital Big Bang and the Infinite Internet

Brave New Unwired World: The Digital Big Bang and the Infinite Internet

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Accolades for Brave New Unwired World

"This book shines a laser-like brilliance on the near future of communication. Lightmans vision of mobile, broadband everyday life will certainly appeal to a market saturated with small-step changes. Lightman takes giant strides, based on known technical capabilities that have been under-used. The world will turn out his way, and sooner than most think."
–– Gregory Benford, professor of physics, University of California., Irvine, and author, Timescape

"Finally, a picture of the future of wireless with emphasis on the needs of people and on the benefits to users, in contrast with the hype, jargon, and acronyms so prevalent in our industry. Lightmans chapter on wearable computers and predictions of the 4G communicator are, alone, more than worth the price of the book."
–– Martin Cooper, Chairman and CEO, ArrayComm. Inc., inventor of the first cellular phone

"More riveting than any book about techno-innovation deserves to be. It makes the rivets of wireless communication fascinating."
–– David Brin, author, The Transparent Society

"Go directly to 4G, do not stop at 3G, is Alex Lightmans message. Why bother with 3G mobile phones that can only deliver a dial-up modems worth of data? He shows how broadband communications could go mobile, delivering a torrent of bits to computer systems that we wear. Its the sort of visionary idea that telecommunications needs."
–– Jeff Hecht, author, Understanding Fiber Optics and City of Light: The Story of Fiber Optics

"The future landscape (near term and far) for wireless infrastructure, computers, and gadgetry is rendered with authority and predictive accuracy in Lightmans Brave New Unwired World."
–– David Geer, journalist/technician

"Alex Lightman is both a philosopher and practical visionary who presents us with a good prediction of what well be. His focus on wireless communications and wearable computing is very timely."
–– Steve Mann, Professor, University of Toronto, and pioneer in wearable computing

"This book is as exciting as the emerging technologies the two authors write about. A must-read. Period."
–– Dr. Balz Wyss, Director of Business Development, RealNetworks Inc.

"Alex Lightman has a mind like a lamp, searching, questing for an understanding of the mutating world around us. His vision of a future convergence of technologies in a single device, a personal communicator that will be both elegant and easy to use, is especially enticing. Brave New Unwired World is a book that may very well be our compass into our possible futures."
–– George Zebrowski, award-winning author

"Lightman uses his extensive knowledge of the expanding telecommunications, technology, and global political environment to carefully sketch a portrait of high technology in the past, present, and not so distant future. Reads like a novel, yet absolutely vital."
–– Kelly Carter, President, The Kingston Group