Business Planning for Mergers and Acquistions

Business Planning for Mergers and Acquistions

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This law book is a more comprehensive, practical approach to the subject of mergers and acquisitions than the highly theoretical or confined approaches taken in previous works. Principally designed for law school students, Business Planning for Mergers and Acquisitions presents a thorough treatment of the merger and acquisition process from the perspective of a practicing attorney. It will also be helpful to attorneys and investment bankers practicing in the merger and acqusition area, as well in business school courses dealing with mergers and acquisitions.

The text considers numerous topics arising in the business of mergers and acquisitions, including corporate, securities, antitrust, pre-merger notification, federal income taxatation, accounting, and valuation. Thompson integrates the consideration of these topics while focusing on various types of merger and acquisition transactions.

A significant number of problems are used to illustrate the many varied and interrelated principles, and each chapter begins with a problem designed to present a real life setting for an examination of the topics covered in that chapter. The approach is intended to help the law student or other reader gain both a practical and theoretical understanding of manyof the legal problems a business attorney will likely encounter in practice. The deals presented offer some of the most challenging and intellectually reewarding work for attorneys.

To better illustrate many of the transactional principles, reference is made throughout the book to the 1989 acqusition by Time, Inc. of Warner Communications, Inc. Business Planning for Mergers and Acqusitions offers a thorough and engaging course for law students who may plan to practice in business law.

A teacher's manual and a 2003 supplement are also available.