Harvesting the Dream : The Rags-to-Riches Tale of the Sutter Home Winery

Harvesting the Dream : The Rags-to-Riches Tale of the Sutter Home Winery

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"Harvesting the Dream by Kate Heyhoe and Stanley Hock is that rare book: It exceeds the high promise of its title. Its chapters, insightful quotes and interviews, and independent commentary cultivate and harvest the exceptional story of Sutter Home Winery and the remarkable Trinchero family. The authors substitute puffery and spin with frankness and candor that are most refreshing, reflecting the family’s honest appraisals and realistic view of the world. All the chapters, especially Part III, are amust read for those who wish to understand the present and future dynamics of the globalization of the world of wine."
–John DeLuca, Executive Vice Chairman, Wine Institute

"The success of Sutter Home Winery was one small part luck and tremendous amounts of love of family, commitment to hard work, consideration of customer, and unequaled respect for their employees. Harvesting the Dream should be required reading for anyone working toward a degree in business or public administration."
–Mike Thompson, Member of Congress
Co-Chair, Congressional Wine Caucus

"From post-WWII struggles to extraordinary successes in the ’90s, the lives of Sutter Home’s Trinchero family read like a novel. Harvesting the Dreamopened my eyes to the wine industry accomplishments made by this innovative, visionary, hard-working family. Written with honesty and clarity."
–Antonia Allegra, Editor in Chief, Vine Napa Valley
Coauthor, Napa Valley: The Ultimate Winery Guide

"‘Doubt’ is not a word I would use for the Trinchero family. ‘Without a doubt’ is more like it. Without a doubt their family will accomplish what they set out for, with humble dignity, pride, and humor. All consumers have to do is taste the story in the glass. The flavor cannot be duplicated. I am proud to have the Trincheros as friends, neighbors, and fellow vintners. We all can learn from their story of what happens when you give more than you take!"
–Michael Chiarello, Napa Valley chef, author, TV host

"Kate and Stanley’s tale of the Trinchero family’s success with Sutter Home Winery is heartwarming. It proves that nice guys sometimes finish first, even in the competitive wine world of Napa Valley."
–Ed McCarthy and Mary Ewing-Mulligan, MW, authors, Wine For Dummies

"Nothing is more exciting for me to read than a rags-to-riches tale. This one could be called ‘From the Stoops of Manhattan to the Magnificence of Napa Valley.’ The Trinchero family, pioneers all the way, took an old broken-down shack and built it into one of the greatest wineries in the world."
–Mel Dick, President, Wine Division, Southern Wine & Spirits