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CBI Series in Practical Strategy, Business Unit Strategy (Wiley Series in Practical Strategy)

CBI Series in Practical Strategy, Business Unit Strategy (Wiley Series in Practical Strategy)

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The business unit is focused on one industry or product/market grouping. It may be one of many such units within a multi-industry corporation, or it may be the total entity. Strategy in the business unit is directly related to customers, markets and competitors. Top management in such organizations justly claim that their strategy must be wholly focused on the sharp end of the business. The book is based on the belief that strategy is important, and that better strategies can result from careful analysis. Much advice is available on how to do this but, because different authors promote different views, the menu of solutions available can be confusing. It is very easy to select from this something which has superficial appeal but which does not fit the situation of the particular company. Segev makes sense of what is on offer by providing a framework against which all approaches can be compared, and practical choices made on what is appropriate for the particular organization. The book is focused on the belief that strategy does not just happen: it is made. The book makes four distinct contributions to dealing with the real issues that managers face: it helps the manager to systematically identify the strategy of the business unit; it facilitates evaluation of this strategy; it aids the analysis of opportunities and limitations; it helps managers to find viable strategic options for the business. Because it is written for the top managers of business units and those involved in the planning of strategy insuch organizations, it also has value for MBA students and others who seek to improve their strategic skills. It is packed with examples, and tools for practical application.