Executive's Guide to the Wireless Workforce

Executive's Guide to the Wireless Workforce

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What you need to know–now–to join the global leaders in today’s wireless computing revolution

Wireless computing technologies can no longer be seen as the wave of the future. Why? Because wireless is here, today–and any organization that isn’t working to develop and implement this burgeoning technology risks missing out on the first great business boom of the twenty-first century.

Executive’s Guide to the Wireless Workforce covers the technical issues, strategicchallenges, and commercial possibilities of today’s wireless computing technologies. Whether you are an executive charged with launching a wireless strategy for your organization or a mobile professional looking to learn more about this transformative technology, let this comprehensive guidebook provide you with:

  • Over fifty case studies explaining practical wireless computing deployments and applications
  • Step-by-step guidelines and checklists for deploying wireless computing applications
  • Techniques for measuring and maximizing the return on your wireless investment

Two out of every three companies are expected to expand their critical applications to wireless computing by 2006–and 2006 isright around the corner. Executive’s Guide to the Wireless Workforce will give you the knowledge and information you need to get your wireless program up and running, and show you how to plan and execute a progressive, profitable, and enterprise-wide wireless computing strategy.