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Evaluating E-Learning

Evaluating E-Learning

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Evaluating E-Learning is designed to answer some of the most fundamental questions surrounding e-learning: Does e-learning work? How much does e-learning benefit both the organization and its learners? Is e-learning a wise investment or a waste of corporate resources? This is a book designed to answer these and other important questions about your e-learning efforts. In addition, the book will guides you to take a systematic approach to evaluating e-learning that will strengthen your case for bringing e-learning into your organization. You can use the interactive "Your Turn" sections to apply concepts learned in the book or visit the companion Web site to download design forms, spreadsheets, live examples, and other resources. Leading E-Learning is first in a series of books designed to explore targeted issues associated with bringing e-learning into an organization. The other books in the series includes: Leading E-Learning, Selling E-Learning, Designing E-Learning, and Using E-Learning.

This booksanswers some of the most basic questions surrounding the evaluation of e-learning including:
§ Does your e-learning work?
§ How much does your e-learning project benefit your organization and your learners?
§ Is e-learning a wise investment or a waste of corporate resources?
§ And how can you improve your e-learning efforts?

The book approaches the answers to these questions in easy-to-understand language without needless technical detail. This practical approach extends to the book's unique interactive Your Turn sections designed to let the reader practice concepts that will be used later in their own organizations. In addition, the author includes links to a web site that allow readers to down load valuable forms, worksheets, and other aides to help the reader apply the concepts covered in the book.