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Hands-On Training: A Simple and Effective Method for On-the-Job Training

Hands-On Training: A Simple and Effective Method for On-the-Job Training

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On-the-Job Training (OJT) is the single most used training method in organizations today. But it is also the most misused—because very few of those doing OJT are ever trained how to do it. In Hands-On Training, Gary Sisson draws on thirty-five yearsof training experience to lay out a simple, systematic approach to OJT that can be understood and applied by anyone in any organization—managers, line or staff supervisors, employees, and both internal and external human resource and training professionals. Using the acronym "HOT POPPER" to help readers remember the parts of the process, Hands-On Training outlines six easy steps: o P—Prepare for training o O—Open the session o P—Present the subject o P—Practice the skills o E—Evaluate the performance o R—Review the subject Each of the steps includes techniques that allow the trainer to apply the system to virtually any job or skill. Hands-On Training presents a universal training method that needs little, if any, modification to fit different jobs. Its emphasis on structured OJT—one of the few types of training that is theoretically sound and at the same time may be fully integrated into the workplace—makes it ideal for training people in applied skills, suchas manual or sensory skills, procedure following, and problem solving. Truly low-cost and high-return, Hands-On Training is perfect in low-budget situations where an organization lacks funds to develop a more formalized training system. It requires veryfew resources and doesn’t require special developmental efforts.