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From Training to Performance Improvement

From Training to Performance Improvement

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Achieve measurable gains!

Organizations are spending millions of dollars every year training employees. Yet why are organizations sending their employees to training? They often don't know.

Training is a quick fix; many managers don't believe that it really works. But even if it isn't the appropriate solution to a problem, many organizations automatically implement training for lack of a more reasoned, thoughtful alternative.

Here's the approach you've waited for: performance improvement. Jim Fuller and Jeanne Farrington show you how to achieve measurable gains by implementing this cutting-edge technique at your organization.

"A practical guide for identifying and eliminating the root causes of business problems. Business leaders and human resource professionals responsible for turning around bottom-line results will find From Training to Performance Improvement well worth the read."
-- Kathleen Dalton, Procter & Gamble

"Clear, concise, and compelling. This book is a great asset for executives and management teams who are seeking ways to make changes that will count."
-- James J. Hill, manager of executive education, Sun Microsystems

"A must for human resource development professionals and managers interestedin moving their organizations from training to a business-goal focused performance improvement system. Fuller and Farrington have 'been there.' They give the reader the benefit of their considerable experience on how to guide large and small organizations toward a human performance technology strategy. Unique, persuasive, and field-tested."
-- Richard E. Clark, professor and director, doctoral program in human performance at work, University of Southern California

You'll learn how to:

  • Explain and sell the notion of performance improvement to organizations
  • Surmount obstacles that can prevent organizations from achieving their full potential
  • Demonstrate the results of your efforts . . . and much more!

As director oflearning at a Fortune 20 company, where he worked for eighteen years, Jim Fuller helped to lead his corporation to a performance breakthrough. In this hands-on resource, Fuller and seasoned consultant Jeanne Farrington show you how to make this transition at your organization.