Stranded in the Himalayas, Activity  (Pfeiffer)

Stranded in the Himalayas, Activity (Pfeiffer)

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Build teams that move mountains!

Activity participants enjoy a simulated mountain adventure. In this imaginary setting, they must arrive at consensus in order to succeed, and they experience the magic of group power: synergy. Participantsface fatigue, dehydration, an avalanche, and more. First, they make decisions on their own. Then, joining the group, they compare answers and attempt to agree on the best course of action.

Participants will:

  • Listen closely to coworkers
  • Recognize the benefits of soliciting opinions
  • Understand the power of synergy . . . and much more!

    The leader and participants will have a perfect opportunity to examine the impact of their interpersonal behaviors on one another, on the group's effectiveness, and on the outcome of their adventure. Every step in preparation, facilitation, and follow-up is carefully detailed in the Leader's Manual . The Activity contains the engaging simulation--every participant will needa copy.

    Leaders will watch teams develop and prosper when they are "stranded in the Himalayas."