Retain or Retrain: How to Keep the Good Ones from Leaving

Retain or Retrain: How to Keep the Good Ones from Leaving

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How do you keep the employees you really want to keep?

No vague answers here! No avoidance of the real problem facing employers today: retaining good employees. Here is a book with true insight and practical solutions to a major plague that needs to be address. As the authors put it, turnover or retention is the country's new "defective product." But, as they also point out: retention is a problem with solutions.

Combining the experiences and wisdom of seven experts, Retain or Retrain provides honest, in-your-face, and highly practical solutions to your employee retention problems. Make no mistake about it...most turnover is a management issue. Most turnover is a result of a company-wide, divisional, departmental or individual supervisor treatment of the people who work in the environment created by those in charge. Just as this environment was can be changed. And like any change effort, it takes conscious effort, it takes a realization that change is needed; it needs new strategies and the commitment of management to stay the course. It can be done.

This book is a blueprint for increasing the retention of the employees you want to keep. It provides targeted strategies for making it happen.

Here's a brief look at the coverage: * Building a Culture of Strategic Retention * Retention Through Leadership * Good Hiring Decisions * Recruting and Retaining Generation X and Y * Giving Critical Feedback without Causing Defensiveness * The "Soul" Secret to Employee Retention * Bottom-Line Spiritual * From Dictator to Facilitator * The Loyalty Equation * Pride Goeth Before Retention * Cutting Through the C.R.A.P. * Compensation in Employee Retention