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Making the Training Process Work

Making the Training Process Work

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Michalak and Yager have done it again. Their detailed explanation of the training process is practical and fills the gap between the theories and what effective trainers actually do. It’s a great resource for the novice and experienced trainer alike. Ron Kregoski, President Kregoski Associates, Brighton, MI Many books on training promise the world, but few provide practical, step-by-step answers to everyday training challenges. I am excited about this valuable resource. So much so, that if I had the power, I would see that a copy of this book was in every HR student’s and training professional’s library. Wanda J. Smith, Ph.D., Professor of Human Resource Management Virginia Tech University, Blacksburg, VA Clear, concise, and to the point. Michalak and Yager go beyond the fad approach to training and address larger organizational and management issues. Must-reading for the trainer, manager, and consultant. Calvin Sun, President, Technology Horizons, Paoli, PA This book will provide trainers with the detailed steps they need to provide solutions that result in improvement for the organization. First, they conduct a short needs analysis to determine whether training is the appropriate solution to the problem. (It is not uncommon for the solution to be found in organizational or system changes rather than in a training session.) If training can solve the problem, additional needs analysis will identify the specific causes of the problem in question. Next the trainers develop behavioral objectives for the program and get management’s buy-in to those objectives. Then they design the program with learning methodologies appropriate to the objectives. Only then do they (or someone else) conduct the program. They also make sure a maintenance-of-behavior program is in place to increase the probability that what was learned in the classroom is applied in the workplace. Finally, they conduct an evaluation to determine whether the training program did what it was supposed to do