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Learning Tactics Inventory, includes sample copy of Participant's Workbook : Facilitator's Guide

Learning Tactics Inventory, includes sample copy of Participant's Workbook : Facilitator's Guide

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Help managers secure their success by learning to learn!

How you learn and what you learn are inextricably linked. Imagine a manager who prefers to resolve situations on her own. If she is offered the opportunity to work on a new project as part of a self-managed team, she may decide to turn it down because it "doesn't suit her style." Or she may not succeed as part of the team because she tries to work out everything by herself. Every time a person avoids a task or uses an unsuitable approach, an opportunity to learn is lost. Both the manager and her organization suffer as a result.

If you're striving to create a learning organization, the LTI is just what you've waited for! With the LTI , your participants will discover how they learn best and how they can adopt new learning strategies.

"At last, a practical, quick, direct, and easy-to-use tool that helps individuals flex their learning muscles! I'll use the Learning Tactics Inventory (LTI) in my consulting practice right away."
--Beverly Kaye, author, Up Is Not the Only Way

"The LTI is a very practical and readily usable tool for accessing our current methods of learning and helping us expand beyond those that are 'comfortable', so we can maximize ourability to learn from challenging experiences."
--Myrna L. Bair, director, women's leadership development program, University of Delaware, Institute for Public Administration

The Facilitator's Guide , which includes a sample copy of the Participant's Workbook , details all key workshop procedures--including setup, administration, and follow-up--and provides you with reproducible overhead and handout masters. Any facilitator, even non-training professionals, will be able to run an LTI workshop. Your participants will quickly score and interpret the inventory using the practical Participant's Workbook . Help your employees learn to learn!

    Enables participants to:
  • Identify their learning profiles
  • Develop tactics to improve learning effectiveness

TIMING: 2 to 4 hours

AUDIENCE: Managers, leaders, and executives at all levels