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The Elgar Companion to Consumer Research and Economic Psychology

The Elgar Companion to Consumer Research and Economic Psychology

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This major new reference book provides an authoritative analysis and survey of consumer research and economic psychology. It provides an international, in-depth overview of the present state of knowledge and theory which will be indispensable to students, researchers, and practitioners.

The Companion presents over 100 specially commissioned entries on important topics in consumer research and economic psychology from behaviorism and brand loyalty to trust and the psychology of tourism. Leading scholars in the fields provide stimulating insights into the area as well as summarizing existing knowledge. Readers will find entries both on new topics that have rarely been considered in the framework of consumer research or economic psychology and on topics that have long been considered important in these disciplines.

The book will ably meet the needs of undergraduate and graduate students in business administration, economics, marketing, and psychology, as well as informing researchers and practitioners in those disciplines.