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The One to One Fieldbook: The Complete Toolkit for Implementing a 1To1 Marketing Program (One to One)

The One to One Fieldbook: The Complete Toolkit for Implementing a 1To1 Marketing Program (One to One)

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A revolutionary business phenomenon has taken hold at such companies around the world as Hewlett-Packard, BellSouth, Oracle, Unilever, Telstra, and Fujitsu. These firms and others are turning to computer technology to create interactive relationships with individual customers, one customer at a time. Known as "one-to-one" marketing, this radically new competitive strategy was introduced by Don Peppers and Martha Rogers in their first two best-selling books, The One-to-One Future and Enterprise One-to-One. One-to-one marketing focuses a firm's competitive energies less on market share and more on share of customer, enabling a firm to increase customer loyalty and improve unit margins at the same time.

In their new book, The One-to-One Fieldbook, Peppers and Rogers offer specific one-to-one marketing advice on how to make the transition from the Industrial Age to the Age of Interactivity. Many of the most successful firms already embrace the principles of one-to-one relationship marketing. Dell computer is now the benchmark of success in the PC business. Cisco, FedEx, Owens Corning, American Express, Amazon.com, Royal Bank of Canada, and Belgacom have all built their success on customer knowledge and interaction.

The One-to-One Fieldbook provides a complete road map or user's manual for companies operating in our new interactive age. First, The Fieldbook contains dozens of checklists for implementing relationship-marketing programs, along with self-analysis tools and questionnaires for evaluating a firm's progress or readiness for such programs. It also discusses the obstacles to be expected, and ways to avoid or overcome these obstacles. On a more strategic level, The Fieldbook is an instruction manual for planning, implementing, evaluating, and upgrading any firm's relationship-marketing program. It is ideal for any manager wondering where to begin, what to do next, or how to measure results. As an added value, The Fieldbook comes with an electronic password that allows readers to access a special one-to-one group Web site, with extensive supplements and spreadsheets to the book that more than doubles its total content.

The One-to-One Fieldbook will be required reading for everyone interested in the one-to-one revolution sweeping the business world.