Winning in the Invisible Market: A Guide to Selling Professional Services in Turbulent Times

Winning in the Invisible Market: A Guide to Selling Professional Services in Turbulent Times

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The technology bust, terrorist attacks, war overseas and a seemingly endless parade of corporate scandals have converged to create a "perfect storm" of economic adversity. Those who earn their living by selling professional services are now facing the most challenging business environment in more than a generation. Incomes have been slashed and many have been "right-sized" out of a job.

However dire the situation may seem, business is still out there. In fact, some professionals are not only surviving in this turbulent market; they are prospering. What are these professionals doing to win more of the existing business? What are they doing to create new business?

Potter spent the better part of two years interviewing successful service providersto find out what they do differently to prosper in tough markets. He also talked to their clients to learn how and why they made the decision to use an outside service and to hire one particular service provider over others.

He discovered that the most successful service providers do approach the market quite differently. How? They create new business before their competitors have an opportunity to compete. They are winning business when it is still invisible to the rest of the market.

The objective of Winning in the Invisible Market is to give you a map and navigation tools to win in the invisible market and to actually prosper during turbulent times. The book takes the buying and selling patterns gleaned from both top service leaders and theirclients and converts them into a logical and learnable process and skills that will enable you to incorporate its powerful content into your day-to-day business development activities.

It will help you sell less, win more and have more control over this critical part of your career no matter what the market does.