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Business by Referral : A Sure-Fire Way to Generate New Business

Business by Referral : A Sure-Fire Way to Generate New Business

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For any business person who has suffered from the "common cold call," Misner and Davis' book is the cure. Getting business through referrals-from satisfied customers, peers and colleagues, vendors, even your hairdresser-is certainly a smarter way to sell. Misner, the originator of Business Network International, and Davis, a motivational speaker and consultant with Drake Beam Morin, show you how in their friendly, well-organized manual.The first thing a beginning networker will learn is that obtaining business by referral takes lots of time and daily cultivation of contacts. The authors ease the journey by providing road maps in the form of worksheets and guides located in the Appendices. These "Tools" are keyed to the relevant chapters and lay out everything from Identifying Specific Targets to an entire Referral Marketing Plan. Other forms, like the Time and Cost Allocation Tools, get down to the nitty gritty of how you spend your resources to develop and mine your referral network, and help you track results. This book is not just for beginners. If you're experienced but looking for ways to recommit to the joys of networking, there is plenty of motivation to be found here. For the sole practitioner or lone sales person especially, this book is a rich source of information and inspiration. Skip to Chapter Five, "Fifteen Ways Others Can Promote You," and read Chapter Twelve, "Eighteen Ways to Motivate Your Sources," to reacquaint yourself with the benefits of business by referral. Chapter Eight, "Your Support Network," shows you how to recognize all the people who already belong to your referral group.