Brand New Brand Thinking: Brought to Life by 11 Experts Who Do

Brand New Brand Thinking: Brought to Life by 11 Experts Who Do

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The way the advertising industry operates has changed vastly in the last 15 years. Innovative and groundbreaking ways of thinking about branding are constantly developing, and due to the sheer volume of material published on the subject, it is almost impossible to keep up with all the latest important ideas available online, in journals, in books and at conferences.

"Brand New Brand Thinking" is for all those who feels they are missing out on the latest branding debates on theory and best practice. Afollow-up to the seminal Account Planning Group branding bestseller "Understanding Brands," this book pulls together contributions from 11 of the world’s leading advertising and branding authorities into one unique volume, covering everything from the branding fundamentals to key cutting-edge developments.

Each chapter is written by an outspoken expert with a new perspective on the traditional themes of strategy, research, creativity and collaboration. Topics debated include:

* the dangers of branding;
* letting brands speak for themselves;
* the company brand;
* brand communication beyond customers;
* brand strategy vs. brand tactics;
* letting go of your brand;
* new scientific discoveries that support brand thinking;
* developing practical research applications from brand building theory;
* techniques for creative brand thinking;
* the role of improvisation and play;
* old brand thinking fundamentals.

Whether you are an account planner, a marketresearcher, designer, brand manager or marketing manager, this book should challenge your basic assumptions, possibly infuriate you, but will ultimately be a useful, thought-provoking read that will inform your approach to branding.