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Building Brands and Believers: How to Connect with Consumers Using Archetypes

Building Brands and Believers: How to Connect with Consumers Using Archetypes

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Building Brands & Believers--How to connect with Consumers using Archetypes

"Kent Wertime successfully argues that while products are be,coming more alike, brands can avoid 'commoditization' by drawing on the rich language of archetypes totap into more unconscious and emotional levels that influence consumer perception and preference. His book provides a highly suggestive framework for bringing any brand to life."--Philip Kotler, S.C. Johnson Distinguished Professor of international Marketing, Kellogg Graduate School of Management, Northwestern University

"Building Brands and Believers offers striking new insights ino the ways in which companies connect with consumers. Kent Wertime's profound experience in marketing-across many products and regions of the world-has resulted in an intriguing and highly persuasive model, based on twelve simple archetypes. This highly original and thought-provoking book make an important new contribution to the branding debate."--SimonAnholt, Consultant and Author of Another one Bites The Grass

"A must-read for all marketers who value and apply consumer insights in thier decision making. Kent Wertime skillfully captures the connections between brands and the users' minds with simplicity and clarity."--Michael Tan, Senior Director of Marketing, Tricon Restaurants International Asia Franchise

"Kent Wertime is one of the most stimulating thinkers I've worked with. I am recommending this book as a superb analysis of how modern communication works. Buy it and learn how to build a brand."--John Goodman, President, OgilvyOne Asia-Pacific

"Brands are woven into the fabric of popular cultures the world over. By analyzing how brands connect with consumers, Building Brands & Believers shows how companies can communicate their brand and company images more effectively to create value and achieve superior business results."--Malcolm Sullivan, Marketing Director, China Mid-Pacific Region, FedEx

"Kent Wertime provides valuable insights on how companies can use archetypes to enhance their brands. This book will change many readers' views about the way to create effective images and communication."--Joerg Ohle, Regional Director, Bayer Health Care Asia Pacific