Marketing Your Consulting and Professional Services

Marketing Your Consulting and Professional Services

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While finding and keeping a core group of clients remains the bread and butter of any consultant's business, doing so is far from simple in a field that's becoming increasingly crowded and competitive. Today, as the result of drastic shifts in the landscape -information technology, virtual organizations, telecommuting - targeting and attracting clients is a greater challenge than ever. To help you meet that challenge head on, Marketing Your Consulting and Professional Services, the bible for consultants and professionals worldwide, has been thoroughly revised and expanded. This brand new Third Edition gives you the tools and the know-how to survive and thrive in today's tough market.

Beginning with a comprehensive overview, this updated resource keeps you abreast of current trends and issues. In addition, you'll find complete coverage of Dick Connor's innovative - and highly effective - Client-Centered MarketingTM (CCM) approach, a practical "deliverables-driven" system for penetrating specific markets. This easy-to-follow, six-part process helps you achieve a myriad of essential marketing objectives: from expanding services for current clients and capitalizing on the potential within your business to generating profitable growth and managing your image with clients and targets.

With a wealth of new information that focuses on finding and qualifying new clients - what every consultant worries about most - this new edition of Marketing Your Consulting and Professional Services, Third Edition provides essential information on:

  • Analyzing your current business or practice - evaluating clients, assessing existing prospects, preparing a strategic profile
  • Becoming "client smart" - determining how the niche industry is organized, identifying requirements for success, determining its needs
  • Building market awareness - maintaining positive name recognition, establishing your firm's intended image
  • Prospecting - acquiring new, high-potential clients, preparing a winning proposal, selling the value-adding solution
  • Ensuring client satisfaction - handling service and relationship breakdowns with a practical recovery action sequence

    Complete with helpful worksheets and checklists, as well as precise definitions of terminology and an annotated bibliography, Marketing Your Consulting and Professional Services, Third Edition is a must for today's fiercely competitive, highly demanding marketplace.
  • 3rd edition.