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Strategic Marketing Management (Butterworth-Heinemann Marketing Series)

Strategic Marketing Management (Butterworth-Heinemann Marketing Series)

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Strategic Marketing Management is now well established as the classic textbook on the subject. Its step by step approach provides comprehensive coverage of the five key strategic stages: *Where are we now? Strategic and marketing analysis *Where do we want to be? Strategic direction and strategy formulation *How might we get there? Strategic choice *Which way is best? Strategic evaluation *How can we ensure arrival? Strategic implementation and control.

This new, revised and updated edition builds on the strengths of the original text, making it essential reading for everyone studying the management of marketing.

New features for this edition include:
Expanded coverage of a number of important topics, including relationship marketing, internal marketing, market research and marketing logistics
Greater emphasis throughout on marketing implementation
Mini-cases and questions in every chapter to reinforce the key points raised

Essential reading for the CIM Diploma paper
Supported by a comprehensive Tutor Resource Pack