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Getting New Clients, 2nd Edition

Getting New Clients, 2nd Edition

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How to Get New Clients. And Keep Them. The Bible of New Business Growth-Fully Updated! "Getting New Clients helps solve the biggest problem marketing service professionals have…" —James Kennedy, Editor Consultant’s News "Thorough, well written…" —Library Journal Now you have all the tools you need to build your practice with new business—the most important challenge facing any service professional starting or expanding a service firm. In step-by-step, user-friendly terms, Getting New Clients reveals Dick Connor’s proven, client-centered marketing approach that will help you zero in on the needs of prospective markets and clients, get your foot in the door, and grab that profitable new business opportunity. Fully updated to include the latest consulting trends, the Second Edition shows you:
  • How to put together winning proposals and direct mail packages that get results
  • How to secure appointments with the people who make the go-ahead decision
  • How to operate within your "comfort zone" so you can work most productively
  • How to leverage your time and talents more effectively
  • And much more!