Network Marketing : The Accelerated Game of Life

Network Marketing : The Accelerated Game of Life

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Chapter 1 - The Accelerated Game of Life: Unlike the crowds, who take the path of least resistance, Network Marketing is an accelerated game to be played full-out!

Chapter 2 - The Rules of the Game: The seven Principles which make or break MLM Careers!

Chapter 3 - A Player's Natural Progression: An understanding of the formulative, concentration, momentum and stability stages are vital to anyone anticipating a Network Marketing Career.

Chapter 4 - Establishing a Game Plan: The amazingly simple, step-by-step way to proceed. This chapter helps you pinpoint your destination and establishes the most direct path to getting there!

Chapter 5 - The Scoreboard: A quick reference guide to your future. The scoreboard gets you organized and keeps youthat way...a constant reminder of where you are at and where you are headed.

Chapter 6 - The New Era in Multilevel Marketing: This is not a "how to" book. It is a shift, a shift from Survival to Contribution, and as such, it is truly a breakthrough. It's not the understanding but the doing which produces results.

Organizational Leaders all over the United States consider it to be required reading for their associates.

Giving a copy of NETWORK MARKETING to a new recruit will eliminate many hours of work on your part. It not only teaches the fundamentals, it helps a person develop a healthy image of Network Marketing and a healthy image of him, or herself, as a "player in the game".

It consists of 160 captivating pages which are packed with inspiration and insight. You won't be able to put it down! Written with a sports theme, it is highly illustrated and fun to read. Every person involved in Network Marketing needs a copy for themselves, plus a case for distribution to friends and associates. Through it you'll learn that Networking is the accelerated game of life, you'll learn the rules of the game, a player's natural progression, how to establish a game plan, how to keep score, and you'll learn about the new era in MLM!