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E-Roadmapping: Digital Strategizing for the New Economy

E-Roadmapping: Digital Strategizing for the New Economy

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This book introduces e-Roadmapping--a new tool set for executives and entrepreneurs who need to strategize in the new economy. The rapidly changing commercial environment and new focus on innovation and speed of execution means that for many organizations the old models of assessing the competitive landscape and forecasting a long-term strategy are dead. So how are company leaders to plot their future and maintain a sense of direction for their business? E-Roadmapping examines ways of dealingwith this complexity and provides a tool-kit for formulating strategy with an entrepreneurial spirit. Stefan Bornheim demonstrates models of "mapping" the business landscape, pin-pointing areas of competition, and planning an organization's transformation. Based on extensive in-company research and full of examples of the models in action, E-Roadmapping is a stimulating look at the sharp end of the new economy.