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Focus Group Research Handbook

Focus Group Research Handbook

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Well-conducted focus group research can determine the course of your company's future. The Focus Group Research Handbook , a comprehensive, accessible reference tool, provides all the information you'll need in order to implement a focus group research study for your business, department, or small company. The results of a qualitative research study like a focus group can provide your business with powerful insight on the behavior patterns of your targeted "customer." Following author Holly Edmunds's plan, you'll learn how you can turn focus group study results into real profits by redirecting your advertising or marketing strategies to better meet the needs of your customers.

The Focus Group Research Handbook offers guidelines for designing and conducting focus group studies, including sampling and recruiting, discussion guide development, suggested moderating techniques, and reporting methods. Packed with invaluable advice, The Focus Group Research Handbook simplifies and clarifies the entire focus group research process and explores how the results of such a study can bring value to your business or organization. Whether you are researching the advantages of conducting a focus group research study or have already determined that focus groups will benefit your company or organization, this guide will help you make the best choices for your business.