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Management by Vice : A Humorous Satire on R&D Life in a Fictitious Company

Management by Vice : A Humorous Satire on R&D Life in a Fictitious Company

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A business humor book with a perspective unlike any other to date. A unique and thoroughly enjoyable science/management satire, "Management by Vice" is a hilarious new book by C.B. Don that portrays the rarely disclosed scientist-versus-manager relationship in a fictitious high-tech firm dubbed "The Company". It is written from the viewpoint of the technical staff and unlike most business tomes, it offers no didactic workplace advice, nor does it analyze the latest managerial methods. Although serious issues are covered, such as inequities in profit sharing, patent authorship, pilfering of innovative concepts, abuse of authority and grievance proceedings, the reader will primarily be highly entertained and delighted by:

(1) Unforgettable characters from the flippant CEO more interested in sailing than sales to his assortment of bungling managers, who are expert at mismanaging even the most promising research projects, to the misunderstood and down-trodden R&D scientists laboring "behind-the-bench". The characters are often comically named for their short-comings, such as Dr. Dan Nuthing, or career-boosting attributes, like Fanee Teese. (2) C.B. Don's satirical, wickedly entertaining verses that summarize each of the eleven fast-paced episodes portraying R&D life in "The Company", as well as the prologue and epilogue. (3) Fifteen captivating hand-drawn, pen and ink humorous illustrations. (4) Side-splitting situations that show the cutting interplay between scientists and their technical managers. Although technically the episodes in "Management by Vice" are fiction, there is such a ring of truth to them, employees of any workplace environment will relate. This assortment of delightfully barbed lampoons provides a humorous insight into managerial "vices", which is sure to please those from either side of the bench!