Successful Telemarketing

Successful Telemarketing

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The all-new second edition of this marketing bestseller will keep your business up to speed with rapid changes that are transforming the use of telemarketing. Whether you're starting or strengthening your programs, Stone & Wyman show you the latest techniques to cut costs and increase sales and profits.

"This new edition of Successful Telemarketing provides valuable insight in the sophisticated use of information technology and new approaches to the sales and marketing process. Bob Stone and John Wyman demonstrate the use of telemarketing concepts and the power of database technology." -- Robert J. Ranalli President/Consumer Services AT&T

"This book is the next best thing to a day's private consultation with Bob Stone and John Wyman at a fraction of the cost--good ideas in profusion." -- Robert C. Martin President, World Book Direct Marketing

"This book should be read by marketing managers who are using . . . or have thought of using telemarketing. Stone and Wyman have addressed the major components of our industry. Their addition of the customer service application is the hottest topic of the '90s. I highly recommend it." -- Barton W. Zeller Vice President, Marketing, Market USA

"This second edition of Successful Telemarketing is even better than the first, with lots of new material, cases, and examples. Bob Stone and John Wyman have pushed the frontiers of marketing knowledge another milestone." -- Dick Christian Associate Dean, Medill School of Journalism, Northwestern University

"Much more than a statement of the power of telecommunications in direct marketing, Stone's and Wyman's Successful Telemarketing offers an abundance of case studies and real-world applications . . . both a textbook and a how-to manual of value to every organization and enterprise." -- Martin Baier, Adjunct Professor and Director Center for Direct Marketing Education and Research, University of Missouri

"This book, like telemarketing itself, represents a giant step forward in the development and expansion of our knowledge of this essential sales and marketing tool. Stone and Wyman make the techniques and many applications of telemarketing come alive." -- Dr. Eugene Johnson Professor of Marketing, University of Rhode Island

"I found the new edition of Successful Telemarketing very informative, well written and to the point. I highly recommend it." -- Nadji Tehrani President/ Publisher, Telemarketing