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Move the Message: How to Make Your Case Effectively and Change the World

Move the Message: How to Make Your Case Effectively and Change the World

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Many of us—-without the money to contract special media consultants or expensive public relations firms—-want to create change in the world, but find communicating our vision difficult, whether our audience is one individual, small groups, large audiences, or the media. If your interest is to take action and empower others to act, Move the Message provides you with a strategic approach to targeting your message to the appropriate power holders, designing and delivering a compelling, persuasive presentation with excellent visual support, and fielding questions and comments so that your audience will be energized to take action and move your message to others. With confidence, you will construct and pitch captivating sound bites to the media, deflect personal attacks, and take the message to the streets to get winning results. In Move the Message, communications consultant and political activist Josephine Bellaccomo delivers a step-by-step process, complete with tips, tactics, strategies, examples and exercises, to ensure that your message is focused, powerful and unstoppable. Whether the difference you want to make is local or global, Move the Message is an essential guide for activists and concerned individuals in any cause, and is sure to become a classic in the field.