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Writing Killer Sales Proposals (Entrepreneur Mentor Series)

Writing Killer Sales Proposals (Entrepreneur Mentor Series)

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Secrets That Proposal-Writing Pros Don't Want You To Know

Your proposal doesn't get a second chance to make a good first impression. You may think, "RFP is a dirty word, yet proposals are the precursors for almost every business-to-business exchange.Billions of dollars in products and services are riding on them every day, and they may--or may not--make the grade.

Get your fair share of the business. Take a lesson from the pros and master both the science--and the art--of writing proposals that get winning results. Learn the tricks that most proposal writers would prefer to keep under wraps.

Bud Porter-Roth, one of the most powerful proposal writers in the world, shares the secrets of the trade.

Step by proven step, you will:

*Createa winning proposal-writing process you can use over and over
*Determine customers' needs
*Define the organization, scope and content of the proposal
*Develop a winning strategy to do the job
*Get the proposal to the right decision-maker
*Know how and when to follow up to clinch the deal

Whether you're writing your first proposal or your 40th, make it irresistible. Killer Sales Proposals is your best resource for closing any deal.