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21st Century Selling: An Anthology of Advice from Top Sales Pros

21st Century Selling: An Anthology of Advice from Top Sales Pros

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Ask any ten sales pros what they think 21st Century Selling means. Chances are, you'll get ten very different answers.

We asked more than a dozen sales leaders to share with you their thoughts on 21st Century Selling. Their answers and advice comprise this book. Although they don't agree on everything (and what a surprise it would be if they did), fortunately, you'll find a good deal of consistency in the contributors' perspectives. Much of that consistency is rooted in the importance of understanding and satisfying the buyer.

You'll find that 21st Century Selling has many facets. We've tried to address as many of them as we can in chapters of this book:

* It's a Buyer's Market! by Lewis A. Mitchell
* Participative Planning: The Competitive Edge, by Russ and Leslie Knopp
* To Partner or Not to Partner? by Liz Davidson
* 21st Century Sales Odyssey, by Pete Droubay
* Living in Your Niche, by Ernest F. Oriente
* How Prospects Steal Your Brainpower, by Dan Seidman
* The E-Mail Advantage, by Auren Hoffman
* The Quest for Customers, by Martyn R. Lewis
* SFA or Sorry, by Scott Bonds
* Loyalty Breeds Success, by Sandra Swanson
* Execution: Aligning Around Your Differentiation, by Dave Greene
* It'sTime to Challenge the Idea That Time Is Money, by Jeffrey Wildfogel
* Secrets of a Sales Interview, by David Wolf
* The Essence and Elements of 21st Century Selling, by Joseph Cullinane