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Tom Hopkins' Low Profile Selling

Tom Hopkins' Low Profile Selling

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Tom Hopkins' sales training is as popular today as it was in 1980 when he published hi million-plus selling book, "How to Master the Art of Selling." Much has changed in the marketplace since then but Tom's basic, how-to selling skills have withstood the test of time. Wonder why? The answer is simple: Because it works! It works because the fundamentals do not change, but Tom works hard at mastering the nuances that do change when markets change, as technology evolves, as consumers become more educated and have more resources literally at their finger tips. Selling is Tom Hopkins' hobby. He constantly studies trends in business and talks with sales professionals the world over, learning from them and teaching them at the same time.
The majority of today's top sales pros have learned that a "low profile" approach to selling their products and services works well. Gone are the days of the "hard sell" and the stereotypical salesman of old. Low profile sales professionals act like lambs, yet sell like lions. Learn the strategies that have helped today's top salespeople achieve high levels of success.
  • Recognize and properly handle the most common personality types of buyers.
  • Give better service by asking the right questions.
  • Qualify yourself as to what type of salesperson you are before you attempt to qualify your buyer.
  • Learn how to benefit from new ideas and strategies in your everyday encounters.
  • Address client concerns like a trained pro.
  • Win clients over from the competition.
  • Master time "investment" not time "management".

    Closing sales often revolves around getting clients to envision a better life or bigger business because they own your product or service. In effect, you're telling them the stories of their futures after their involvement with you. Twenty-five consummation stories are included that you can start using today!