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You'll Never Get No for an Answer

You'll Never Get No for an Answer

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Jack Carew, one of the most dynamic and innovative sales training consultants in America today, offers his ten unique strategies of Positional Selling for sales-people in every area. Whether you're selling ideas, products, or even yourself, you'll benefit from the precise, standard-setting methods shared with thousands of top sales professionals from Fortune 500 companies and major corporations around the world. Discover the Positional Selling strategies that will change your life as a salesperson:

* You'll never feel like an unwelcome guest -- if you ASSUME THE RESPONSIBILITY
* You'll never use the language of a loser -- if you BRING YOUR ENERGY TO THE CUSTOMER
* You'll never have a rejection hangover -- if you MAKE THE CUSTOMER PART OF THE SOLUTION
* You'll never make a spray-and-pray sales call -- if you FIND THE AREA OF OPPORTUNITY
* You'll never fumble over an objection -- if you INVEST IN THE RELATIONSHIP
* You'll never lose a customer -- if you TAKE THE LEAD

With Jack Carew's help, you'll learn how to develop new business, expand accounts and revitalize marginal accounts. You'll also master the human dynamics of selling, and make yourself an indispensable partner as you listen, acknowledge, explore and respond. You'll be selling with powerful, productive new energy-and You'll Never Get No For An Answer!