Good Credit Is Sexy

Good Credit Is Sexy

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This book contains everything you need to NEED to know about your credit, even if it is excellent. Good credit is sexy covers topics such as identity theft, getting rid of junk mail, getting a mortgage or auto lease, and of course, how to fix your credit......

Do you carry around a pocket full of cash, telling your friends that cash is the ticket because no one will give you credit cards?

You don't have to be a conservationist to want to stop all the junk mail paper waste. The book contains complete instructions for virtually eliminating junk mail, a method key in the prevention of identity theft.

Are you afraid to have people over because the bill collectors are always calling?

Is your credit card debt fast approaching the national deficit? The book tells you how to get out of debt without using a debt-counseling agency or filing bankruptcy.

Considering leasing that automobile? You would be surprised to know how lease payments are calculated. The book gives valuable tips to avoid being ripped off at the dealership.

Do you carry around a pocketful of cash, telling your friends cash is the ticket because no one will give you a credit card? The book tells you how to get a credit card (so you can impress a new love interest with an over-the-top dinner at that new trendy restaurant)

Ever hear of Fair Isaac? This is the company literally holding your quality of life in its hands as it is responsible for creating the credit scoring system. The book explains how the company developed the credit score, and how your score is calculated using inside information from a US Federal Trade Commission presentation.

Haven't you always wondered how loan officers come up with their fees? Did you know that all fees are negotiable? Find out how you can pay less in mortgage costs, and how to watch out for the bad guys who will overcharge you.

Think your divorce papers put an end to those joint debts? Not a chance. The book tells you what your lawyer "forgets" to mention.

Is your credit shot? The book gives complete instructions for toning up those flabby muscles on your credit report.