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Seeds of Success

Seeds of Success

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Success is neither an inheritance, nor an accident. It is God's plan.

Total Success Ministries Letter To Pastors

Dear Pastors and Leaders,

Please allow me to introduce Total Success Ministries; dedicated to helping people understand that God is our provider. God has laid it upon my heart to help people know His will through their finances.

Even though we need to work, is not our source of supply. God is our source of supply. It is a difficult balance - working to obtain things but lookingto God as the provider of all things -- and we all need to be reminded of the need for this balance time and again.

We all tend to loose sight of this fact and think of our job as our provider and our focus gets clouded. And then more and more of ourtime is spent on material pursuits with little time left for the "spiritual" aspects of life. This results in more stress and far less of the peace that we all can have when our focus is on God and not on our own abilities.

No doubt, there are many in your congregation who are struggling with this lack of balance right now and would benefit from learning of success from God's perspective. A Total Success seminar will help people live from God's point of view and grow in their faith in God.

As youcan see, the focus of the seminar is so much on the spiritual aspects and not on how to manage your money. Please examine these materials and prayerfully consider how those you minister to may benefit from learning more through a Total Success Seminar held in your church.

In HIS service, Indira Patro Total Success Ministries