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Complete Guide to Asset Protection Strategies

Complete Guide to Asset Protection Strategies

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With juries giving out million-dollar awards for such things as spilt coffee and harassment, anyone with assets must realize that what has taken a lifetime to earn can be lost in an instant. Our legal system has become a lottery in which lawyers finance claims against anyone with money. This book explains in simple language how anyone with any assets can best protect them against any type of claims.

After seeing how unfair the legal system has become, Attorney Mark Warda spent over a year and a half studying every type of asset protection plan available, from the homestead exemption to the offshore trust, from the most court-protected to the clearly illegal, and from the cost-free methods to the most expensive schemes. This book is the result of thatresearch.

In simple language, it explains what works, what doesn’t and why. It provides asset protection plans for every need, from the simple and cheap to the complex and expensive. It explains the three main ways to keep your assets out of reach of creditors and the five most important rules for being sure they work. It includes a summary of the law for each state and explains how to do more research to keep up to date.

If you own any assets you do not want to lose to a creditor, you need this book!