Saving Money with the Tightwad Twins : More Than 1,000 Practical Tips for Women on a Budget

Saving Money with the Tightwad Twins : More Than 1,000 Practical Tips for Women on a Budget

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While other books give advice about money markets and outwitting the stock market, Saving Money with the Tightwad Twins gives advice to the struggling woman on a really, really tight budget. She is the forgotten woman of "little time and no dime." She may be single, married, a career woman or a stay-at-home mom, but whoever she is, she is looking for easy ways to organize her life and save money.

In this no-nonsense book by identical twin sisters Ann Fox Chodakowski and Susan Fox Wood, the Tightwad Twins, women will learn how to reduce or eliminate bills and manage and organize their homes. This "common cents"knowledge will revolutionize the way women look at money; for instance nearly everything can be recycled:

  • Make a coffee table from an old window, door or board. Add bricks or flowerpots for legs.
  • Cut a slit in the shape of an X in an empty prescription bottle for a traveling toothbrush holder.
  • Use soda-pop can tabs for picture hangers. Glue to the back of picture frame with just the top of the clip showing so as to nail easily to the wall.
  • A candle placed in a cheese or vegetable grater looks fabulous at night. Tie the top with a red ribbon to make it even more festive.

The tighwad twins also timesaving forms, quick-and-easy recipes for no-fuss, cheap meals, and lists of organizations that give away freebies. In no time at all, readers will reap the benefits of thriftiness and find time to enjoy their newfound financial freedom.

"These twins really know their stuff!" - Maury Povich

"The twins are masters at saving money." - The National Enquirer

"These twins do a great job: humorous, but insightful on ways to save money and reuse everything!" -Crook and Chase