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Credit Ratings: Methodologies, Rationale and Default Risk

Credit Ratings: Methodologies, Rationale and Default Risk

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The only title that combines discussion and analysis on the methodologies employed by the major rating agencies together with those actually implemented internally by credit practitioners from financial institutions. Additional contributions come from regulatory bodies and academics involved in the credit ratings process.

Provides a unique insight and overview into the many types of ratings that are in use today enabling you to compare and contrast the benefits as well as the potential pitfalls and peculiarities of the various systems. Designed to help you implement or assess your own internal credit ratings systems with an overview of what is currently available and will alert you to possible problems with individual ratings systems. Will help to ensure your internal credit rating systems are in line with current regulatory requirements by presenting background information on the new Basel 'Internal Ratings Based Approach' as well as drawing upon relevant case studies that have been carried out on banks preparedness for this. Presents an up-to-date discussion on how corporate scandals, such as Enron occurred, together with retrospective analysis of the behaviour of public ratings to them. Discusses the possible flaws associated with the dependence on external ratings in particular situations.

Multi-contributor format edited by the best-selling author and practitioner Michael K. Ong.