How Not to Go Broke at 102! : Achieving Everlasting Wealth

How Not to Go Broke at 102! : Achieving Everlasting Wealth

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Praise for How Not To Go Broke at 102!

"Talk about an idea whose time has come! This book is for the ages–all ages."
–Sidney Zion, columnist, New York Daily News

"Adriane Berg takes wealth building to a new level by providing encouragement to all with this fun and fact-filled guide to creating a truly wonderful life at any age. I would get this for every baby boomer I know . . . and their parents!"
–Ed Slott, CPA, author of The Retirement Savings Time Bomb . . .and How to Defuse It

"We know through our Brookdale Center on Aging how important it is for our elderly to take responsibility for issues related to their own finances and physical health. Ms. Berg covers all the bases from healthcare to financial security to the need to have rich personal relationships throughout all our years. People in all stages of life will benefit from her insightful book."
–Jennifer J. Raab, President, Hunter College

"How Not to Go Broke at 102! is a must-read for all those thinking about retirement. Adriane Berg is not only a highly thought-of financial advisor but also always seems to be ahead of the pack when it comes to her understanding of new trends in financial matters."
–Lee Rosenberg, Principal, ARS Financial Services, Inc. and author of 50 Fabulous Places to Retire in America

"How Not to Go Broke at 102! is a fascinating and ‘eye-opening’ read."
–Thomas "Rod" McVeigh, Director, Human Resources, Konica Minolta U.S.A.

"How Not to Go Broke at 102! is a wake-up call for people of all ages. It is probably most appropriate for baby boomers and people approaching 60. However, the advice on financial planning, lifestyle, and general attitude is written clearly with a sense of humor and can be useful for anyone from their 20s until long into retirement age."
–Kurt Hirschhorn, MD, Professor of Pediatrics, Human Genetics and Medicine
Mount Sinai School of Medicine

"I think this book,given the overwhelming trends, has been a long time coming. It will probably be one of the most valuable works of advice to come along this decade."
–Edie Weiner, prominent futurist and President, Weiner, Edrich, Brown, Inc.

"Being a self-admitted procrastinator when it comes to sensibly planning my long-term financial future, I found How Not to Go Broke at 102! to be an invaluable source and Adriane a remarkable teacher."
–Richard Hall, President and Executive Producer, Tele-Image Corporation