New Century, New Deal: How To Turn Your Wages Into Wealth Through Social Security Choice

New Century, New Deal: How To Turn Your Wages Into Wealth Through Social Security Choice

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When it comes to your retirement, do you want an I.O.U. from Washington, or a secure investment account that you own and control?

For you to retire with a nest egg worth $1 million or more, you don't need to be a quiz show genius. You don't need to win a lottery jackpot. And you don't need to get lucky in Las Vegas. What you do need is a far better return on your money than Social Security provides today.

You need the freedom to invest part of your Social Security taxes in the

real American economy through your own personal retirement account.

It's your money - shouldn't it be your choice?

This is the bold, provocative premise offered by Wade Dokken, CEO of a $30 billion financial services company. With two decades of experience helping people save and invest for retirement, Dokken explains your enormous personal stake in saving Social Security.

"Short of war, no issue government can affect will touch the lives of more Americans than reforming Social Security," writes Dokken, a Baby Boomer. "It is the single most important personal finance issue of our time, and the time for change has come."

Dokken articulates the power of personal retirement accounts and why such accounts are fair and effective and are already improving the quality of life for workers around the world.

A lifelong Democrat, Dokken also writes the first book of its kind - one that sharply criticizes his own party's resistance to Social Security Choice and warns the Democratic leadership to embrace change or risk being swept out of power. Refreshingly idealistic and remarkably realistic, New Century, New Deal is a clarion call to build upon FDR's 20th century institution with a 21st century sense of innovation and imagination.

If you pay Social Security taxes, this is your handbook for the future.