How to Legally Protect Your Assets (Book & Video)

How to Legally Protect Your Assets (Book & Video)

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How To Legally Protect Your Assets is a layman's guide to asset protection and wealth preservation. For the first time, a complete guide to all of the different legal asset protection tools is contained under one cover. Professionals acting in the disciplines of law, accounting and asset management have also found it a useful aid in providing stateside and offshore planning advice to their clients.

This book is for you if you are serious in learning about the many different legal techniques availableto protect and preserve your hard-earned money and property. It is about knowing and understanding the many legal tools available to you and how to successfully use these tools every day.

You will discover from the 384-page book and 90-minute video that solid asset protection planning techniques utilize stateside and offshore worlds. You will have choices to select the tool that is best for you.

You will learn how asset protection and wealth preservation is designed to level the playing field in a world of plaintiff hungry lawyers that are out to get a chunk of your assets.

This book is divided into three parts. From the basics to the advanced, you will learn how many other successful and wealthy individuals use stateside and offshore asset preservation to protect their assets.