Allowance Magic: Turn Your Kids Into Money Wizards

Allowance Magic: Turn Your Kids Into Money Wizards

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Tired of your kids always asking for money? Aggravated when they just buy whatever's popular without any regard for price? Frustrated they never save or share any of the money they get? Wish you could help your kids become more responsible with their money?

You can. All it takes is a little Allowance Magic. This step-by-step program gives you the tools you need to teach your kids about money and money management as you help them develop the habits of saving and sharing. At the same time, those frequent requests for money, and the occasional arguments they can lead to, are gone forever.

With Allowance Magic, you develop a structure within which your kids make most of their own day-to-day financial decisions. That way, they learn to plan their expenditures and shop for value. They also get in the habit of saving and sharing a portion of everything they get.

Allowance Magic includes two distinct sections. The first is for parents. It presents an overview of the challenges you face in helping your children become financially responsible along with the specific actions you can take to overcome those obstacles. It also leads you through the process of setting limits and establishing rules. Once you complete this section, you will have put together an allowance program that's just right for you and your kids.

The second section - The Kid's Money Wizard Journal - is for your kids. Once they complete it, you review and discuss their information with them. In the process, both you and your childrenwork together to establish age-appropriate responsibilities and expectations. The completed Journal serves as a written record of the agreements you've reached and becomes your child's working financial plan.

So, what are you waiting for? Start making your own Allowance Magic today and watch your kids become Money Wizards! Why wait? Order Allowance Magic now!