3 Steps to Y2K Readiness For The Home and Family

3 Steps to Y2K Readiness For The Home and Family

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3 Steps is presented in three sections, each representing a step forward in Y2K readiness. They are as follows:

Acquaint Yourself: What is the Year 2000 Computer Problem?

The first section defines the Y2K computer problem, how it came about and what is being done to lessen its powerful impact due to the potential disruptions it may manifest on the daily flow of goods, services and information.

Educate Yourself: What are the possible implications of the Y2K bug on your world?

The second section discusses the effects of the Y2K on the lifeblood of our society: power, water and transportation 3/4 the nation's primary infrastructure, interpreting the potential disruptions. Learn of the possible ripple effect the Y2K may cause in our government computer systems. It further discusses how human emotion and the influence of other countries may play a role in the makeup of the final outcome. The author explains how each of these factors will affect us here in the U.S.

Prepare Yourself: What can you do to protect your home?

The third and final section illustrates the action items that you can employ to prepare your home, assets and family. Many are simple and of little or no cost. The cost of being caught unprepared in any emergency could be enormous.